We want you to know what you can expect from us.

We want you to know what you can expect from us. - Milk x Whiskey

Starting something new is never easy. We often try to do the important things in life with perfection. Sometimes if we think we can't achieve perfection, we just stop, stay comfortable, and always wonder "what if"? If we really look back, there are few major events in life where we didn't have the luxury of stopping, we push through, we learn and we embrace the journey.

For us, having our children was one of these times. Parenthood is one of the few things where everyone has to start as a rookie and learn to flourish. It's not perfect and there is no going back. We learn (every day), we laugh, we cry, we do the small things and someday we realize, we are winning!

Milk x Whiskey® Clothing & Gear for the Adventuring Family. Awesome outdoor styles. A mother and her daughter looking at camera with a Wild For the Wild face.

Milk x Whiskey is about embracing this journey we all call life: the (sometimes messy) process that brings us the most amazing results.

At our foundation is the outdoors and the spirit of adventure. Our closest loving relationships are rooted in discovery, well-being, and the consistent need to explore.  When we had our first baby, we found ourselves wondering if we would ever be able to do the things we loved with such a little miracle now at the forefront of our lives. This is the time that really matters to us. It is overcoming those initial moments of fear and worry, to confidence and wonder. From, "How the heck can we do this" to "WE GOT THIS!  At our core we are adventurers, our love is rooted in exploration and our imagination is powered by nature.

Mom holding 2 children. Milk x Whiskey Diaper bag designed to grow with your family. Milk x Whiskey® Clothing & Gear for the Adventuring Family. Awesome outdoor styles.


We are here to support all of us as new parents in raising our children in the outdoors and passing those passions along to our children. In this project, you can expect a few basic things from us. 

  • It's about the journey. We will start small, and grow slowly. We will be prepared as possible. We will be honest. We will make mistakes but we will do everything we can to adjust and fix them. 
  • We will create the highest quality and most ethically sourced products to support you (in style) with family at the core. 
  • We will support, educate, learn and grow with your family. We will share what we find. We will ask your opinions. We will take your feedback seriously to make the best possible products for all of us as adventuring families. 
  • We will design and source products with the highest durability at the best possible price. We know you demand the right gear for the right adventure and this is the most important adventure of all. 
  • We will connect, learn and support other projects which have precedence on the mental, emotional, physical, and inspirational well-being of raising children outdoors. 
  • We will laugh at ourselves and the messes in life. Milk may be our nurturing side, but Whiskey is the wild side of all of us. 

We can't wait for you to see all we will have in the coming months. We thank you for your interest and appreciate your spirit of love and discovery. 

Here's to your (next) Greatest adventure!


Milk x Whiskey® Clothing & Gear for the Adventuring Family. Awesome outdoor styles.


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