Do babies need UPF Clothing?

chaser UPF 50+ sun hoodie for babies

Exploring the Benefits of UPF Clothing for Babies

In the realm of outdoor adventures and sunny escapades, safeguarding your precious little ones from the harsh effects of UV rays is paramount.

Introducing the Chaser, our top pick for UPF clothing, offering a delightful blend of cuteness and sun protection. This certified UPF 50+ hoodie prioritizes your baby's safety and comfort during their outdoor exploits with our must-have baby sun-protective attire.

Babies in UPF clothing shielded against the sun's harmful rays, creating a protective barrier that ensures their safety during every outdoor escapade. Our Chasers excel in providing reliable defense against both UVA and UVB rays, offering parents the assurance that their baby's delicate skin is shielded from potential UV radiation damage.

What are UVA rays?

UVA rays, the most prevalent type of sun rays reaching the earth, possess the capacity to penetrate deeper into delicate baby and kid skin, potentially causing cell damage. These rays are persistent, capable of permeating through windows and clouds, making it challenging to avoid their effects. UVA rays are responsible for issues like sunburn, tanning, cancer, pigmentation, premature aging, and more, making sun protection crucial for the little ones.

What are UVB rays?

UVB rays, while partially filtered by the atmosphere, still pose a risk to young skin. Unlike UVA rays, they don't delve deep into the skin but can inflict surface damage, leading to tanning and sunburn. UVB rays are a significant contributor to malignant melanoma, a prevalent form of skin cancer among children. Ensuring proper sun protection becomes imperative to shield babies and kids from the harmful effects of UVB rays.

sun protection clothing for babies kids UVA and UVB diagram

It's not just about protection; it's about style and comfort too. The adorable and stylish onesies in our baby UPF clothing collection are designed to prioritize both comfort and UV protection. Crafted with the utmost care, and super soft material, these outfits allow your little ones to explore and play freely under the sun without compromising their well-being.

Parents can have eace of mind that comes with knowing their babies can enjoy the great outdoors while being shielded from harmful UV rays.


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