Milk x Whiskey - Created with Love of the outdoors - A soon to be young couple, mother is pregnant, snow hiking in the mountains. Ready for the next greatest Adventure.

Created with Love

of the outdoors
Milk x Whiskey - Designed by Adventurers Now with Kids - An outdoor father and a son fishing together on a calm lake. Teaching his son to fish. Wearing our hoodie.

Designed by Adventurers

now with kids
Milk x Whiskey - To stoke the next generation of trailblazers. A child running down a trail with excitement and joy of the outdoors.

To Stoke the Next Generation

of Trail Blazers

Milk x Whiskey | About Us

We believe adventure doesn’t end with parenthood, it only gets better!

Milk X Whiskey

What's in our name?

Milk is the nurturing side of how we love. Family is most important. We know having children is not the end to our adventures but rather a whole new beginning.

X is the crossroads when we find out we are expecting a child and the decision we make to keep the outdoor adventure going.

Whiskey is the defining trait of our fearless and fun-seeking attitude towards life. We find that adventure is the binding force in our love of the outdoors, living life on our terms & now with our children. Plus, even though we are parents, we still like to party!

Milk x Whiskey - A mother with her new born outdoors wrapped in a comfortable shaw while drinking coffee. Wearing our flannel.
Milk x Whiskey - A father and son looking at the camera while out on a trail adventuring in the outdoors.

We believe adventure doesn’t end with parenthood, it only gets better.

Milk X Whiskey is an independent adventuring gear & apparel company dedicated to living a lifestyle of adventure, pushing our boundaries, and being unapologetically true to ourselves in the pursuit of passing our passions of the outdoors along to our children.

We are a group of close friends with young children who really want to inspire our children to explore and discover the outdoors. Before parenthood, our loving bonds were first formed in the outdoors and traveling.

We believe outdoor adventure provides our children with so many emotional, mental and physical tools for the rest of their lives. Choosing an outdoor lifestyle is key to a successful future and it is super important to us that we have a ton of fun along this journey we call parenthood.

Brand Mission

To be here for your (next) great adventure.

We develop purpose-driven travel support systems and technical apparel to make new outdoor experiences easier for every kind of family. Whether you're a weekend nature warrior, a walk-in-the-park discoverer, or a long-term expeditionary feel confident knowing we have got you, fam.

A brand like this takes time to get moving.

We want to be transparent on where we are and what we are building. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

We want to be the brand that starts with a "family first, outdoors second' philosophy. There is a moment in time when we first have children that we wonder if our lives as we know them are about to change: "Will we still be able to scale that mtn with the boys? Will I still be able to shred the slopes with the girls?"

The answer is always yes, of course.

We are here during this time. To share all of our stories (both wins and hilarious failures) to let you know that you are not alone. We have been there or we are there. Your next and greatest adventure is here, NOW, and we are here for you.

• A first-of-its-kind baby support backpack that grows with your family far past the potty training stage.

• UPF 50+ Lightweight Sun Protective Hoodies for the entire family, including sun protection for babies and toddlers.

• Warm Grid Fleece Technical Hoodies to support comfort for cooler adventures.

A brand like this is very much like our children. We want a strong foundation and to give it the best chance to grow.

• We will be designing and creating our own products as well as curating the best gear and partnerships we have found along our own journeys.

• We are starting with the simplest of offerings - graphics styles for the family. This will help us see what matters most to you moving forward.

• We will ask for your help in what is working and what is not. We will adjust and offer better solutions to your adventuring needs.

• We are building a network of new parents in the same situation for us all to share, laugh, and love the adventure.

• We will be connecting with passionate groups that believe in the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of the outdoors.

Milk x Whiskey -  A fierce little girl on her mother's lap looking at the camera, in the outdoors with a Wild look on her face. Wild for the Wild.
Milk x Whiskey - A mother and her daughter on a surfboard while on an adventure with the family. Sunset.
Milk x Whiskey - A father with his baby on his shoulders overlooking a mountain range while on an adventure. It is winter. Wearing our signature gear.
Milk x Whiskey - A little girl swinging on a rope swing in the outdoors while adventuring in the forrest.
Milk x Whiskey - Sunset on the beach. A father and their child on the shore while the father is showing their baby a new discovery.

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We live in adventure.

Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, CO