Embrace the Outdoors with "The Chaser" UPF50+ Sun Hoodie

Embrace the Outdoors, Safely and Stylishly, with "The Chaser" UPF50+ Sun Hoodie
The chaser hoodie is the best sun hoodie for baby, kids and parents.

At Milk x Whiskey, we understand the joy of exploring the great outdoors, and we believe that the love for adventure should be passed down to the next generation. That's why we've designed "The Chaser" UPF50+ sun protective hoodie - a perfect blend of comfort, style, and uncompromising sun protection for your little ones and the entire family. Created with love and care, "The Chaser" is your ideal companion for memorable outdoor moments.

The Chasers is the best sun protective hoodie for babies, kids, and parents for the outdoors.

Unbeatable Features:

"The Chaser Sun Hoodie" is more than just a hoodie; it's a thoughtful innovation to enhance your outdoor experiences. Our focus on sustainability ensures that each hoodie is crafted from a blend of modal and rayon, derived from sustainably grown beech wood. This eco-friendly fabric not only contributes to a healthier planet but also offers an unparalleled softness that your children will adore.

Chaser UPF 50+ chaser sun protection hoodie sustainable made in nepal

UPF50+ Certified Sun Protection:

Keeping your loved ones safe from harmful UV rays is our top priority. "The Chaser UPF 50+ Sun Hoodie" has been meticulously engineered with UPF50+ sun protection to shield your little adventurers from the sun's harsh rays. Whether you're hiking in the mountains, camping by the lake, or simply playing in the backyard, our hoodie ensures optimal sun protection without compromising on style or comfort.
the chasers is a sun protective hoodie for outdoor babies.

Designed for Every Family Member:

"The Chaser" comes in a range of sizes, catering to babies, toddlers, youth, and parents. With four charming colors available in each style, you can easily find the perfect hue for every member of your family. Embrace outdoor activities together while looking effortlessly coordinated and undeniably cool.
the chasers is a sun protective hoodie for toddlers

Designed with Your Convenience in Mind:

Equipped with spacious pockets, "The Chaser" offers ample room to carry essentials on your adventures. The cleverly designed thumbholes add extra coverage and warmth for those chilly days, while the fitted hood ensures a snug fit, protecting delicate skin from any unexpected weather changes.
The Chaser Womens and Mom UPF 50+ Hoodie

Create Lasting Memories:

We believe that cherished memories are made outdoors, and with "The Chaser Sun Hoodie"  as your companion, you can embark on new adventures without worry. The joy of watching your little ones explore nature safely is incomparable. Prepare to capture those special moments that will become cherished memories for years to come.

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