“So here we go.” Our Next greatest Adventure.

“So here we go.” Our Next greatest Adventure. - Milk x Whiskey
Milk x Whiskey® Clothing & Gear for the Adventuring Family. Awesome outdoor styles.


“So here we go.” That is the thought we all have when starting our next great adventure. A moment filled with curiosity, excitement, wonder, and a healthy amount of fear. We know these well and yet each time feels new, doesn’t it? That is exactly what it's like when we start adventuring with our children for the first time. 

Milk X Whiskey transforms the ‘I can’t’ stories we hear from so many new parents into the new “WE GOT THIS!” philosophy to stoke the next generation of outdoor adventurers.

Designed by Adventurers Now with Kids


Joel & I have been adventuring in the outdoors together since long before we had children and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure together. Now we have kids. Seeing the excitement and joy in our sons' and daughters' eyes as they embrace the wonder and magic of outdoor adventure have ignited the inspiration for this brand journey. 

We believe that leading children into a life of adventure is the solution to balancing out a world of endless technology by instilling mental, emotional, and spiritual tools for the rest of their lives.




This brand is about the love we have of the outdoors and passing those passions on to the next generation.

A brand like this is very much like our children. We want a strong foundation and to give it the best chance to grow and learn along the way. 

Will it be perfect? No. Will it be messy? Yes. Will it be exciting? Oh, heck yea!

For 20+ years we have each been creating content, building technology, and growing well-known brands that touch your lives every day. We are combining our technological and creative experiences into this incredibly important mission of getting families outside by launching products, building partnerships, sharing & creating content, providing support, and laughing at all the imperfection that comes with child-rearing… while honoring the incredible influence of the great outdoors has had in our lives.

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” - John Muir

Enjoy the ride. Come along for our journey. Please help us by building a new network of like-minded fearless adventurers (now with kids) by sharing your (mis)adventures, putting a good word out to your circles, and maybe a follow on socials. (@milkxwhiskey)


Blessings On Your Adventure,


Milk x Whiskey® Toddler Styles for Adventure

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