The conscious choice to grow our kids into the outdoors.

The conscious choice to grow our kids into the outdoors. - Milk x Whiskey

As a young couple, we have had our fair share of experience in nature. From a young age, we count ourselves grateful that our parents pushed us outside. We were in the generation that could go anywhere we wanted in the neighborhood, as long as we were back before dark. Before the streetlights turned on, we were climbing trees, finding new gullies to explore, digging tunnels, scraping our knees, and coming home with dirt-filled shoes and torn pants. Nature has always been a guiding force in our lives, a place to return to, clear our minds, and to re-ignite our imaginations. Nature has also brought us together in our relationship, marriage, and now parenthood. 


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Camping with baby under a tent at very early age.

Milk x Whiskey is the crossroads of nurturing (milk) our families while always looking for the next party or adventure while celebrating our independent spirits (whiskey). We are creating mental and physical health for ourselves and our children rooted in outdoor adventure and active lifestyles. After spending time in nature, we’ve felt increased happiness and calmness while feelings of anxiety, burnout, shortness, and stress seem to melt away. Away from the world of technology, we feel more present with our children, create epic memories and strengthen our loving bonds together. 

It is paramount that we expose our children to active outdoor lifestyles with an adventure mindset early in life.

From overcoming fears, creativity, coping mechanisms, inspiration, free spirit growth, inclusion, problem-solving, risk management, mental and emotional health. Nature’s positive effects on our children are bountiful. Our conscious decision to make nature and the outdoors a foundational part of parenting is something we hold dear. If we can instill a strong bond with nature early on as our parents did for us, we hope these tools and passions can be foundational benefits for the next generation. 


toddler on an open trail ready to take on the world

We know not every family has the ability to just go to the mountains, lakes, or oceans whenever they can. We aim to find ways to increase accessibility, equality, and awareness of nature's benefits for all of us. We want to make outdoor experiences easier for every kind of family - from the weekend nature warriors to the walk-in-the-park discoverers, to the long-term expeditionaries. The great thing is many of nature's benefits can be found in our neighborhood or city parks, right in our own backyards and school playgrounds.


It’s the energy and excitement of adventure that is key!



Milk x Whiskey - Awesome Styles. A Father and son hiking in the outdoors. The son is on his fathers shoulders pretending to fly with a ton of excitement for the outdoors.

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