Hi Adventure Families!

We are super stoked to FINALLY be able to share what we have been working on for the past 18 months

We are all about when outdoor adventurers become parents. It has been an incredible journey, with a lot of learning boosted by our strong desire to help families feel prepared in the outdoors. 

After 18 months of development, refinement, and testing, we are proud to say we have two exciting technical apparel products available for ALL family members, and we are only opening our first limited runs to family, friends, and neighbors.

“The Chaser” - A lightweight UPF 50+ Sustainable Long-Sleeve Hoodie

 Protect your family while out exploring. It's crazy soft, breathable, sustainable, and odor-resistant. We added some very cool features, like zippered pockets and thumbholes! In testing, we kept fighting for the kids to take them off after they wore them, and adults quickly found these to be a go-to for comfort.

the chaser sun protective UPF 50+ hoodie for babies, youth, toddlers and parents.

“The Tumbler” - A Mid-Weight, Grid Fleece Hoodie

Built for our kid's non-stop movement (and for us parents that run after them everywhere) We are offering this high-end technical apparel that adults typically find, but now for kids and babies too. They are super durable, have an athletic fit, and are amazingly playful to wear. 

The Tumbler Mid weight grid fleece hoodie for all family members.

COMING SOON: The Adventure-Proof Diaper Backpack  

This has really been a labor of love. When we had our kids, we just could not find a backpack that Dad would want to wear or that was durable enough to hold up to our outdoor lifestyles. We designed this from scratch to finally have something for adventurous families to feel prepared for the outdoors. We are starting with a pre-launch for Kickstarter in the coming week. If you or a friend are close to having that bundle of joy, then please share this with them and point them to the site to sign up for updates. We hope to launch on Kickstarter in mid-August and have it on parents’ backs around the end of September. SIGN UP ON OUR MAIN PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!!

The Adventure Proof Diaper backpack

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