Why Family Outdoor Adventure Improved Mental Health and Bonding with Your Child?

Why Family Outdoor Adventure Improved Mental Health and Bonding with Your Child?

Why Family Outdoor Adventure can improve Mental Health and Bonding with Your Children

Outdoor activities are a great way to strengthen your family bond and boost everyone's mental health! Whether you hit the trails for some hiking, pitch a tent at the campsite, or simply gather in the park for playtime, embracing an active lifestyle is sure to do wonders. Here we take a look at why it pays off to be outdoors as well as how it can help create tighter parent-child relationships with plenty of fun.

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Why is being outdoors good for kids?

Nature is more than a peaceful backdrop—it may actually give kids an emotional boost! Studies have uncovered that time spent in green spaces can help keep young minds healthy and happy. Children who spent time outdoors in green spaces had lower rates of ADHD and improved concentration and cognitive function, according to a study by the University of Illinois (1). Kids and the great outdoors are a match made in heaven! From discovering exciting new things to developing physical prowess, when kids head outside, they expand their knowledge of the world and gain oodles of self-confidence. It's clear that outdoor play is an adventure worth taking.

Why is outdoor play important for children's development?

Outdoor play can be critical for children's development. It allows them to develop their social skills by interacting with other children and adults in a natural environment. The American Academy of Pediatrics has found that kids who play outside are more creative, better at solving problems, and better at making decisions (2). Outdoor play can also improve children's physical health by increasing their exposure to sunlight, which helps produce vitamin D and strengthen bones and muscles.

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What Happens to Kids Who Don't Play Outside?

Our biggest concern with children today is that they spend less time playing outside than in any previous generation. This can have negative impacts on their mental health and development. Studies have shown that children who don't spend enough time outdoors are more likely to experience anxiety and depression, as well as lower levels of physical activity and higher rates of obesity. Children who spend less time outdoors are more likely to develop myopia or nearsightedness, according to a study by the University of British Columbia (3).

Why are outdoor activities important?

With so many electronic activities taking away from family time, outdoor adventures can provide a breath of fresh air (literally!) to reduce stress and increase energy levels for both parents and children. According to research from the University of Exeter, spending time in nature can enhance mental health and well-being by reducing symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety (4). Exploring nature is more than just an activity; it's an opportunity for families to strengthen bonds with each other in beautiful places while creating lasting memories that will be cherished forever!

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Why is being outside good for your brain?

Recharge your mental batteries and get that creative spark back by taking a trip to the great outdoors! Recent research tells us it's a surefire way to reignite your mind with newfound clarity, insight, and enthusiasm. A University of Michigan study found that spending time in nature can increase memory and attention span (5). Being outside can also reduce the symptoms of ADHD and improve focus and attention span.

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Why is going outside good for anxiety?

Nothing beats a little "nature-otherapy" to battle anxiety! Take some time out and get back in touch with Mother Nature. She'll reduce your stress levels faster than you can say 'cortisol!' Research conducted by the University of Essex found that spending time in nature can improve self-esteem and mood, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety (6). Outdoor activities can also provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-confidence, which can help improve overall mental health.

In conclusion, family outdoor adventures can provide a range of benefits for both parents and children. From improving mental health to strengthening bonds, spending time in nature can be a great way to create lasting memories and build healthy habits for the whole family. So, next time you're feeling stressed or disconnected, consider taking your family on an outdoor adventure and experience the benefits firsthand.


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